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Dynaflex® Elastomeric Flexible Couplings

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Efficient power transmission and driveline component durability are among powertrain designers’ most important concerns. Increased durability and up-time are two characteristics demanded by purchasers of today’s complex and expensive machinery. These demands can only be met with reliable, trouble-free, smooth-running powertrains free from damaging loads which compromise component life.

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Item Name

Horsepower Rated

Best Application Area

item-1802 Dynaflex® Shear 1/50 to 1 hp Low-frequency vibration, multidirectional misalignment
item-1803 Dynaflex Spool 50 to 1000 hp Low-frequency vibration, high-power drive systems
item-1804 Dynaflex® Bushing 10 to 600 hp Multidirectional misalignment, high capacity
item-1805 Dynaflex® LCR 4 to 135 hp Large misalignment, safetied drive requirements
item-1806 Dynaflex® LCD 75 to 2000 hp Diesel engines, low- frequency vibration, multi-directional misalignment
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1