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Stock Lifter Tools

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Lift, move or grab any non-porous materials, keeping employees' hands at a safe distance from dangerous working areas. Replacement parts for the vacuum tools are also available, including rubber cups and internal vacuum valve assemblies.

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Item #

Item Name

Cup Size

MHT-1230 Light Duty Lifter Tool 2-1/8
MHT-5157 Light Duty Lifter Tool 2-5/8
MHT-4875 Medium-Heavy 4-Flnger Tool 4-3/4
MHT-3825 Medium-Duty 2-Finger Tool 3-1/4
MHT-G609 Heavy-Duty Hand Grip Tool 3-1/4
MHT-2260 Medium-Duty Hand Grip Tool 3-1/4
MHT-1859 Heavy-Duty Handling (Sheet Metal Tool) 4
MHT-1919 Heavy-Duty Handling (Sheet Metal Tool) 5
MHT-6540 Heavy-Duty Double Cup (Sheet Metal Tool) 4
MHT-6541 Heavy-Duty Double Cup (Sheet Metal Tool) 5
  Results 1 - 10 of 10 1