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Item # M-2752, Stock Grommets

Stock grommets are available in 60 durometer black SBR. Listed below by increasing Inside Diameter (A) are the grommets that are considered stock items. Check our manufactured grommet section if you cannot find a particular item in this section. Low minimum orders for stocked parts.

Use our Stock Grommets in your application to save time and money.

  • If you can't find the part you are looking for in this catalog, please call. We have the capability to make any part you need.
  • Our goal is to have your grommet in stock when you need it, whether it's a standard stock part or one of your custom part requirements.
  • When you need help in determining the type of rubber to use, call us and we'll gladly help you find the optimal material for your application.
  • When you need to see and fit the grommet into your application, we'll sample parts for your evaluation.
Grommet Benefits
  • Use grommets to eliminate wear on electrical wiring running through sharp holes.
  • Grommets can be used to make a seal around pipes or wiring.
  • Grommets can be used cosmetically, making drilled or punched holes look better.
  • Grommets can be used under light equipment to reduce noise and vibration.

Specifications  · SBR (Styrene-Butadiene)  · Durometer


Inside Diameter A

3/16 in

Groove Width B

3/16 in

Groove Diameter C

5/16 in

Outside Diameter D

7/16 in

Overall Thickness E

5/16 in

SBR (Styrene-Butadiene)
SBR offers excellent tear strength, high resilience & tensile strength, good abrasion resistance and a temperature range of -60 ºF through 180 ºF.
Note: SBR should not be used in a chemical or fuel environment.

The hardness of the rubber.
Durometer is measured by the resistance of the stock to indentation by the blunt point of a metal rod or needle. Readings are from 0-100. Shore (A) scale ASTM D 2240 is used for most compounds. Lower numbers indicate soft material.