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Item # J-1211-2-6, Dynaflex® Shear Type Couplings

For Low Frequency Vibration Isolation and Misalignment Accommodation Compact, one-piece flexible couplings economically constructed to isolate low frequency vibration and accommodate multi-directional misalignment.

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Standard Bore Diameter A

0.250 in

Standard Bore Diameter B

0.375 in

Bore Size Tolerance for A

+ 0.001 - 0.000

Bore Size Tolerance for B

+ 0.001 - 0.000

Dimension C

0.75 in

Reference Dimension D

1.00 in

Reference Dimension E

0.72 in

Dimension F

1.75 in

Power Rated at 1750 rpm

1/8 hp

Torque Rating

5 lbs-in

Static Torsional Stiffness (± 20%)

0.33 lb-in/deg

Set Screw Size


General Description
Typical Applications:
Shear-type flexible couplings are useful in many small equipment driveline applications. Multi-directional misalignment capabilities make them ideally suited for fractional horsepower drivelines demanding noise reduction, vibration isolation and maintenance-free operation.

Typical applications include:
Information Systems—Motor drive, printer rollers, indexing devices, linear actuator, drives and card sorters. Hospital Bed—Actuator drive Dynamometer—Driveline Tachometer—Driveline Pumps, Blowers, Compressors—Driveline

Large Selection of Standard Sizes:
Fractional horsepower couplings are available in a range of sizes to permit matching a specific coupling to your application.

Compact, Efficient Vibration Isolation:
Compact, one-piece coupling construction is convenient for small equipment with fractional horsepower requirements. Torsional deflection at rated torque assures excellent vibration isolation. Specified torque rating allows 15º angular deflection for excellent vibration isolation.

Maximum recommended misalignments - 1/32 in. parallel. 2º angular.
Intrusion should not exceed "E" bore length dimensions.
Standard Construction: Hubs - steel, Bores - as listed, Set Screws - one per hub furnished but not installed, Flexing Element - neoprene.