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Item # M-26035, Manufactured Stem Bumpers

Listed below by increasing Head Height (A) are manufactured stem bumpers available in a variety of materials. Minimums for production runs apply; please call for specific information. Normal delivery is 4-6 weeks with a minimum order of $200.00, but a special 10-working-day expedite is offered on most manufactured parts.

Specifications  · General Description


Head Height A

5/32 in

Head Diameter B

9/16 in

Stem Diameter C

7/16 in

Stem Length D

1/8 in

Total Height E

9/32 in

General Description
  • Manufactured stem Dumpers save time and money by eliminating the need for new mold and tooling costs.
  • If you can't find the part you are looking for in this catalog, please call. We have the capability to make any part you need.
  • When you need help in determining the type of rubber to use. call us and we'll gladly help you find the optimal material for your application.
  • Our goal is to have it in stock when you need it, whether it's our manufactured parts or one of your custom requirements.
  • If the stem bumper you need is one of our manufactured parts, let us know and we'll keep it in stock and ship to your specific schedule.

Let Us Know Your Requirements and We can Add It To Our Stock for Same-Day Shipping.

(Butadiene Acrylonitrile)
Nitrile is used primarily for applications requiring excellent resistance to petroleum oils and gasoline. Nitrile also has excellent resistance to mineral & vegetable oils. Nitrile should not be used with solvents such as acetone, methylethyl ketone or other ketones.